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Sustainability and Environmental Health Resources

About Sustainability and Environmental Health

This category provides links on the national, state, county and city level to resources covering environmental matters such as superfund sites, waste management plans and reports, toxic chemical databases, pollution maps, and radiation reports. Links to local environmental programs including green initiatives, environmental health services, recycling facilities, waste management, composting, hazardous waste disposal, and conservation and sustainability programs are also provided. Some jurisdictions have lists or databases of pertinent contractors such as conservation contractors, septic installers and soil testers and other environmental inspectors. Links to searchable environmental databases are provided where possible and wherenot, links to general information are included.

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National and General Sustainability and Environmental Health Links - see state links above for state and local resources.

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Environmental Protection Agency
Search the Environmental Protection Agency by specific topics including the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Acid Rain, Asbestos and many other vital topics.

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EPA Enforcement and Compliance History
Search EPA and state compliance and enforcement history through interactive mapping tool. Information provided includes permits, inspections, violations, enforcement actions, and penalties for regulated facilities nationwide.

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Federal Toxicology Databases
Search federal databases on toxicology, hazardous chemicals, toxic waste releases and other environmental health concerns.

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Cosmetics Safety Database
Search the cosmetics database which is a safety guide to cosmetics and personal care products. Find ingredients and toxicity reports on common household products.

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Pollution Locator
Search this national database by community, state, county or facility for pollution and other environmental issues.

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Toxicology Database
Search the U.S. National Library of Medicine toxicology database.

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EPA Environmental Searches
Multiple searchable EPA databases for environmental issues. Find information by location such as pollution or toxic chemical releases by entering a zip code or using a map search.

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National Priorities List
View and search the EPA's National Priorities List of Superfund sites.

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EPA Superfund Site Search
Search the EPA's Superfund site information database for information on hazardous waste sites.

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Toxic Chemicals in Toys
Search this database of toxic chemicals found in toys. Options also available to view lists by brand or type of toy.

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Oil Spill Incidents
Searchable database of news, photos, and other information about selected oil spills (and other incidents) where NOAA's Office of Response and Restoration (OR&R) provided scientific support for the incident response.

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Superfund Site Finder
View this database to see geographic locations of Superfund sites. Further details on each Superfund site is also available.

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Official BP Gulf Oil Spill Response Site
This official BP Gulf oil spill response site contains press briefings, latest news, and live video footage of the spill. The site also contains information on how to report incidents and file claims.

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White House Response to BP Gulf Oil Spill
View information about the White House and other Federal Government agencies responses to the BP Gulf oil spill. Also view specific volunteer opportunities for Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida and Alabama.

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EPA Monitoring of the BP Gulf Oil Spill
View the EPA's air, water and sediment monitoring data from the BP Gulf Oil Spill. Also view waste management plans for disposing of the recovered oil and oil contaminated waste.

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BP Dispersants in the Gulf Oil Spill
View EPA press releases, transcripts, FAQ on dispersants as well as EPA's list of authorized dispersants for the BP Gulf oil spill.

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NOAA's Response to the BP Gulf Oil Spill
View National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) archives on the BP Gulf oil spill. Information is also provided for emergency responders.

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Mapping Response to the BP Gulf Oil Spill
This mapping tool developed in part by NOAA provides near real time information of the response effort to the BP Gulf oil spill. This site also provides the latest information about the trajectory of the oil spill as well as shipping information and fishery closures.

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Recent and Historical Oil Spill Incidents
View NOAA information on recent and historical responses to oil and chemical spills. New and historic photos are also available.

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Plastic Bag Recycling
View this database of resources and locations to recycle plastic bags and film.

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Eco Rated Paper Products
Search this World Wildlife Fund database of ecologically sound paper products. Find paper products with the lowest environmental impact.

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Live Radiation Monitoring
Live radiation monitoring results from numerous location in the U.S. Provided by the Environmental Protection Agency

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View national floodplain management information including floodplain maps.

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Disaster Maps
View national information about declared disasters and maps.

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Floodplain Management
View national floodplain management information such as flood insurance programs, floodplain maps, and more including online search of maps by zip code.

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Freedom of Information Requests
Search Freedom of Information requests, make a Freedom of Information request or request Freedom of Information report includes U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Labor Relations Authority, Merit Systems Protection Board and National Archives and Records Administration.