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Permits and Inspections Resources

About Permits and Inspections

This category covers many types of permits and inspections including building inspections and permits, restaurant inspections, health permits, OSHA inspections and health inspections. Links to searchable permit and inspection databases are provided where possible as are links to state, county and city rules and regulations governing various types of pemits. Some jurisdictions allow for online scheduling of inspections while others allow for ordering of permit and inspection results online.

Find Permits and Inspections Resources by State:

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Find Public Records by City and State or by Zip Code. Select a different public record category below to view all online resources for that category. Go to the public records pages for any state.

National and General Permits and Inspections Links - see state links above for state and local resources.

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FCC Radio Licensee Search
Search radio liceses for Aircraft, Amateur, Vanity Call Signs, Operator Class, Commercial Restricted Permits, Ships and more.

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Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Search OSHA's safety and accident inspections.

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CDC Cruise Ship Inspection Search
Search cruise ship inspection records by cruise ship or cruise line. Database from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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OSHA Inspections
Search the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's enforcement inspection database. Search by establishment name, state, or date.

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FDA Inspection
Search the FDA inspection database by classification, firm name, inspection date or area of country.