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Foreclosures and Tax Lien Sale Records Resources

About Foreclosures and Tax Lien Sale Records

Foreclosure is the process of a lender repossessing a parcel of real property after the owner has failed to make the required payments as outlined in his/her mortgage. Depending on the type of mortgage, the property, once repossessed, may be resold by the mortgage holder without court supervision. Under judicial foreclosure, the property is subject to auction by a county authority such as a sheriff or by an officer of the court. In states without judicial foreclosure, statutory foreclosure allows the mortgage holder to conduct a public auction to resell the property.

Tax liens are incurred by non payment of real estate taxes. A tax lien sale is a sale conducted by a government agency of these liens and those that buy them must wait out a redemption period during which the homeowner may repay the lien and any interest. Once this period has passed, the new lien holder may initiate foreclosure proceedings. The other method government agencies have of collecting delinquent taxes is a tax deed sale. Tax deed sales are the forced sale of a property at a public auction.

Some states and counties have online information about foreclosures, tax lien sales and tax deed sales. This information may be searchable by address or owner name, or lists of upcoming sales may be posted. Other states and counties do not have such information online. In these cases, contact must be made with the appropriate agency usually in writing or in person.

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