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The Public Records Users Community blog is authored by Online Searches in support of our Public Records Directory. As private investigators, we have been users of online public record resources for many years and this directory has grown from our internal resource list to what is being published today.


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  • Charles Davis

    Welcome to the FOI blogosphere!


  • Deane Wilson

    Hello, does anyone know how to get approval from the state of Oregon to present a continuing education course for assessors?


  • CarolT

    The State of Oregon’s Appraiser Certification and Licensure Board would be a good place to start with your question about continuing education. The link is and the phone number is (503)485-2555.

  • Capital Market Appraisal

    Hello, I stumbled upon this blog on accident just doing my weekly market research (yes it’s 7:00pm on July 3rd, I’m a nerd like that) Anyway, great resource you’ve done a good job here.

    I manage an appraisal and consulting practice in Washington, DC and was wondering if someone was aware of any public directories we could submit our site for listing on.

    We’ve compiled a fair amount of original market research on the Washington, DC residential real estate market and provide it for free on our site—

    A lot of time and effort is put into our research reports and it would be great if we could find a public directory to make it available to more people.

  • CarolT

    Thank you for your note regarding our public records blog. Our website “Free Public Records Search Directory” provides links to public records for all 50 states, each county within each state and many of the cities. We provide links to municipal websites for a variety of records. I’m not sure that I can provide any useful suggestions regarding finding a public directory to contact. Obviously, you could contact the District of Columbia directly to request a link on its website.

    We appreciate your use of our blog website and invite you to visit our “Free Public Records” website for your public records needs.

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