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How to Find Property Records Online

February 7th, 2011 · 8 Comments · Florida, states, Using Public Records

Are you looking for information about a particular piece of property? In the past, the only way to access property records was by making a trip down to the county courthouse and manually searching through their paper files. But now, thanks to the advancements of internet technology, it is easier than ever to access property information from the comfort of your own home or office. Researching property records can uncover a wealth of valuable information, such as property details, sales history, current value, property taxes, ownership history, mortgage records, parcel maps, and more. Knowing this information can be very helpful in determining if a property is really a good purchase or a fair asking price if you are selling your home.

For example, the Hillsborough County, Florida Property Appraiser’s real estate and tangible records database provides access to assessed values, market values, sales history, building characteristics, land lines, legal description, GIS maps, and tax information. Searches can be conducted using the owner’s name, address, folio, PIN number or tangible personal property account number. Additionally, you can also search for property sales records by location, property use, neighborhood, sales date, sales price, year built, or square footage through their online property sales database. The Hillsborough County Clerk of the Circuit Court is another avenue of valuable property information. By accessing their official records database, you can view recorded documents, such as deeds, mortgages, judgments, liens and financing statements. You can search for these records by name, document type, or date range. You can even print document images right from your home computer.

Property records like these can be accessed easily through the Free Public Records Directory – Assessor and Property Tax Records Resources and through their Land Records and Deeds Resources pages. The Free Public Records Directory also provides links and resources to many different types of public records such as jail and inmate records, vital statistics, business and contractor licenses, sex offenders, UCC filings and more. Searches can be made by city and state, zip code, or by type of record.

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  • Helen

    Hello recently I moved into a house and I think it is haunted. I have been there three weeks and the last past week I have had two paranormal encounters. Can you look up any information on a townhouse in houston texas on 15506 waldren circle, houston, tx thanks.

  • CarolT

    Using our Harris County, Texas, website, you can either conduct a property search yourself or contact the Assessor’s Office using the contact information provided on the website. Here is the link –

  • Nichole

    So I’m in the middle of having a paranormal investigation done of my house and we havee proof there’s something here but my house is newly built and i am trying to find records of the property before this was built how can i find it online. 207 N second Drexel Missouri

  • CarolT

    Attached is a link to our public records page for Cass County, Missouri. You might try the property search link to see if you can find any historial information about your property. You can also call the Assessor’s Office for information. Good luck on your search.

  • elizabeth Aronson

    i am currently having alot of paranormal activity in my house town home actually it was built in 1989 in auburn wa 98002 929 apt B 22nd st ne i need help because every website i have visited wants to be paid by credit card of gives very little information on what i want to know please help me

  • CarolT

    I’m not sure what type of information that you’re looking for. However, using our “Free Public Records Search Directory” you can access a variety of public records. Since the property that you want to research is located within Auburn, here is the link for available public records in King County, Washington – Also included is the link for searching property tax records including current and prior property ownership information using the property address – There is no fee involved to search the records and most documents can be printed online. Good luck with your research and thanks for using our website.

  • Amanda

    I’m sorry the address is 5256, not 5356

  • CarolT

    Thank you for your question regarding how to find property records online. Since the property address is in Cook County, Illinois, you can access the Assessor’s records for this property using the “Property Search” link on our “Cook County, Illinois Free Public Records Directory.” The parcel id is 19-12-309-039-0000 and the link for the Cook County site is: You can also research past ownership using the “Recorded Document Search” link – Good luck with your search.

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