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Arizona Adoption Records

February 18th, 2008 · 7 Comments · Arizona

In Arizona, adoption records are handled by the Office of Vital Records. After an adoption, the Office of Vital records is responsible for amending the original birth certificate. Once the original birth certificate is amended, it is sealed by the court, along with the adoption certificate.
Arizona adoption records are kept confidential and sealed, unless otherwise authorized by a court order.
However, Arizona law allows adopted children (18 years or older), birth parents, adoptive parents of an adoptee (if the adoptee is 18 years or older), and biological siblings (18 years or older) of an adopted person to access information in adoption records through the help of a Confidential Intermediary (A.R.S 8-134. Confidential Intermediary). The Confidential Intermediary is granted access to the sealed court records to obtain information to locate a party. To protect the privacy of all involved, consent from all parties is required before any information is shared. A list of certified Confidential Intermediaries in Arizona can be found here.


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  • gladys scalph schuerg

    I can’t find my birth certificate. Was it changed when my step mother adopted my sister and I? How can i get a record?

  • Mark L Geisinger

    I am searching for an adoption record that happened in Arizona in 2006 or 2007 (I’m unsure). I am at a loss as of where to go for these records and any input would be appreciated.

  • Lisa

    i am interested in looking for my birth parents. I was born in Phx, Az. and would like to know how I can/or who do i get in touch with to find out if the records are open, so if I would like to contact them, they have left information for me, ie: there names, where they live, etc…

  • Dee

    My father was adopted in AZ in 1947. I’m gonna have a hard time getting permission for his records since he’s passed away. So have his biological parents and the adoptive stepfather. Now what? Thanks!

  • CarolT

    Using our website link for Arizona birth and death records “”, you will find links for each of the Arizona counties. Usually, the State Vital Records Office also handles adoption records. You might find our September blog article regarding adoptions interesting.

  • VickiD

    How would I go about obtaining adoption records from my sister. She was born in 1961.

  • CarolT

    Adoption records are generally handled by State Vital Records Offices where birth records are held. You can check our Birth Records Resources website for your specific state to check for any online information regarding adoption records. We also have another blog article published in September 2013, which gives some tips on where and how to search our Public Records website for adoption records. Good luck with your search.

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