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Is Your Child’s College Campus Safe?

August 24th, 2014 · Uncategorized

At this time of year, parents are preparing to send their sons or daughters off to college. One of the many concerns is how safe the college campus will be. Fortunately for parents and students, a number of steps have been taken to increase the safety on campuses all across the country.

In 1990, Congress passed a law named the “Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act,” also known as the “Clery Act.” The law has been amended several times since and requires both private and public colleges to keep and disclose crime statistics for crimes both on and near the campus. It also requires colleges to have a plan for community notification in the event of an emergency. All schools that receive federal financial aid must publish a report every fall covering the prior three years. The results of the reports are maintained by the U.S. Department of Education. You can find the Department of Education’s “National College Campus Crime Information” link on our “United States Free Public Records Directory” page.

The college crime information can be searched two ways either for one institution or for a group of colleges. You can search “one campus” by name of institution, city, state, size of enrollment or type of institution. The results include the type of criminal offense on campus, off campus and on nearby public property. You can search “a group of institutions” by state, type of institution, size of enrollment and program type.

Another way to search crime statistics near a college campus is through the “crime reports” website, also found on our main “U.S.” page. Using this website you can search crimes by address, crime type and date range.

Using the information obtained from the above links, and several other valuable sources of information including the U.S. News and World Reports article entitled “Ways Parents, Students can Research Campus Safety” by Briana Boyington, on June 16, 2014, and the “Jeanne Cleary Act Information” website, you can feel more informed and better prepared to make decisions about your child’s safety while attending college.

For other types of public information be sure to view our “Free Public Records Search Directory” website, which can be searched by record type, and state, county or city.

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Search for a Licensed Professional

July 24th, 2014 · California, Florida, Missouri, New York, Ohio

Is there someone with a professional license that you would like to research or do you want to find a licensed professional in your area? If so, our “Professional License Records Resources” page contains a number of links for professional licenses such as accountants, architects, engineers, insurance agents, real estate agents, and more.

Our main “Professional License” page contains national links for “mortgage licensing,” “emergency medical technicians,” “brokerage firm brokers,” and others. In addition to the national links, most states offer online searches for a variety of professions. Here are some examples of available state links that you’ll find on our website.

The California Department of Consumer Affairs “license lookup” provides a search of professional licenses by company or individual, sorted by license type. On the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation “online services” website, you can search professional licenses by name, license number, city or county, or license type. Missouri Division of Professional Registration “licensee search” provides searches by county name, profession, licensee name or licensee number. New York State’s Office of Professions’ “verification searches” website is updated daily and offers searches by name, license number, permits by name and pharmacy establishments by name. On Ohio’s “Business Licenses and Permits” website, you can search a license, renew a license, or download an application for obtaining a license. These are just a few of the professional license links available on our website. 

A complete list of available records and links can be found on our “Free Public Records Search Directory” website. Our website can be searched by state, county, city or type of record including land records, laws and codes, election information, and more. Depending on the types of records that you’re researching, you may be surprised by the number of online resources available.

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Warrants and Most Wanted Persons

June 26th, 2014 · California, federal, Florida, Oregon, Washington

One of the many types of information provided by law enforcement agencies throughout the country are online links for “most wanted persons” and “warrants.”

Using our main “Warrant Records Resources” page, you can access a large number of national warrant links such as Drug Enforcement Administration’s “fugitives” website searchable by field office locations; the FBI Most Wanted “terrorists and fugitives” website; and Environmental Protection Agency’s “fugitives wanted for environmental crimes,” These are just some of the national warrant links that our website provides.

Our website also provides links to state and local municipal websites such as felony warrants, misdemeanor warrants, and non-support warrants. Some of the municipal websites include California’s Los Angeles’ Crimestoppers “most wanted and missing persons” website, Florida’s Highway Patrol “most wanted persons” including those persons wanted for identity theft, the State of Oregon Benton County “Parole and Probation Violation Absconders,” and Washington State “Child Support Fugitives” for those parents wanted for non-payment of child support.”

These links provide a valuable resource for both the public and municipal agencies by increasing the chances for apprehending persons wanted for a variety of reasons. The links can also be used for purposes of researching a neighbor, a prospective tenant, a potential employee, or to verify that an ex-spouse is listed appropriately on your state’s “child support” website. The availability and use of these types of links provides a great public service increasing the chances for apprehending potentially dangerous persons.

You can access other types of public records on our “Free Public Records Search Directory” website including such subjects as land records, property tax records, permit records, and more.

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