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Fast access to Wisconsin public record sources at the state level.

Additional Wisconsin public records links can be found on our Wisconsin county and city level pages.

Wisconsin - Statewide Public Records Links

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State of Wisconsin Home Page

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Business and Professional Licenses
Search Wisconsin business and professional license records, including individuals and firms with licenses, and charities.

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Business Licenses
View Wisconsin information about business licenses including registrations and renewal information.

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Public Land Survey Records
Search Wisconsin 1832 - 1866 public land survey records, including original field notes and plat maps.

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Real Estate Transfers
Search Wisconsin statewide real estate transfer returns by municipality or address.

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Search Wisconsin tradenames and trademarks by description, or by corporate or individual name.

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Birth, Death, Divorce and Marriage Records
View Wisconsin information about obtaining birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates.

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Contractor License Search
Search Wisconsin contractor licenses records by credential ID, type, status, or name.

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Contractor Licenses
View requirements for obtaining a contractor license in the State of Wisconsin and apply online.

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Search Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions corporate records by name.

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Inmate Records
Locations of inmates and related offender information can be found by contacting the Wisconsin Department of Corrections at (608)240-3750. Online search is not available.

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Jail and Inmate Records
Search Wisconsin jail and inmate records through Vinelink.

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Missing Children
View information about and photographs of children missing from Wisconsin.

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Missing Children and Adults
View photos and descriptions of Wisconsin missing children and adults.

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Obituary Records
Search obituary records by name of deceased, publication date or obituary text.

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Air Permit Search
Search for information on individual air pollution control permits as well as view or download copies of the actual permit and associated documents for businesses in Wisconsin.

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BadgerLink Library Resources
Search Wisconsin's Badgerlink database of archived newspapers, genealogy databases and encyclopedias. A valid Wisconsin library cards is required.

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Campaign Finance Reports
Search Wisconsin campaign finance reports by filing year, filing period, registrant name, office or county.

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Delinquent Taxpayer Search
View Wisconsin delinquent taxpayers over $5,000, sorted alphabetically by name, or city.

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Employee Directory
Search Wisconsin state employee telephone and email directory by name or phone number.

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Floodplain Management
View Wisconsin floodplain management information including ordinances, floodplain maps, and more.

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Government Jobs
Search Wisconsin State and County government jobs by agency, job title or county.

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Legislator Search
Search for Wisconsin State legislators by street address, municipality, or district maps.

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Registered Lobbyists
Search for registered lobbyists in Wisconsin.

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Sex Offender Registry
Search for registered sex offenders living in Wisconsin by name or geographical area.

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State Bar Association Lawyer Directory
Search Wisconsin State Bar Association directory by name or county.

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UCC, Uniform Commercial Code
Search Wisconsin UCC filings by debtor name.

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Voter and Election Information
View Wisconsin voter registration and election information, including election results.

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Voter Records Search
Search Wisconsin voter registrations, polling locations, and provisional vote status.

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Wisconsin Public Notices
Search statewide newspaper public notices compiled by the Wisconsin Newspaper Association. Search public notices by keyword, date, newspaper or location. Public notices cover issues such as vital records including adoptions, delinquent taxes, foreclosures, unclaimed property and meeting minutes.

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Wisconsin State Archives
Search the Wisconsin State Archives for historic public records including vital records, photos, newspapers and holocaust survivor testimonials.

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Wisconsin Unclaimed Property
Search Wisconsin unclaimed property by individual or business name or by property id.

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Administrative Code and Register
Search Wisconsin Administrative Code and Administrative Register published since January 1956.

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View list of Wisconsin projects out for bid and bid results.

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Clandestine Drug Laboratory Register
View addresses of some locations in Wisconsin where law enforcement agencies reported they found chemicals or other items that indicated the presence of either clandestine drug laboratories or dumpsites.

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View Wisconsin and U.S. Constitutions including index to Constitution.

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County Government Salaries
Search Wisconsin County employee salaries by name, county, title, county population or type of employee.

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GIS Mapping Resources
View Wisconsin county and municipal web mapping sites by county and municipality.

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Government Salaries Search
Search Wisconsin federal employees and state employee salaries by name, county, agency or type of employee.

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Legislative Documents Search
Search Wisconsin State Legislature bills and amendments, statutes and other legislative documents.

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Notary Search
Search for Wisconsin Secretary of State notary records by name.

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Nursing Home Citations
View state citations issued against Wisconsin nursing homes.

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Statutes and Annotations
Search Wisconsin state statutes and annotations by category.

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Traffic Cameras and Alerts
View Wisconsin traffic cameras and alerts including live traffic information.

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Wanted Sex Offenders
View non-compliant registered sex offenders in Wisconsin.

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Wisconsin Employment Background Check Laws
Wisconsin employers who hire Wisconsin residents to work in the state of Wisconsin must abide by the Federal FCRA.

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